Week 5, 1st Blog -Creative

CREATIVE: In a poem or short prose piece describe a situation where you have either seen or experienced a dramatic difference in the state of a human being and its impact on the world around.

Walking to the checkout, mind drifting  away into the near-future, thinking about what movie I’m going to watch later on, only to notice a woman in line with her children, scrambling frantically for any loose change at the bottom of her tobacco and lint filled purse.

She looked up to the cashier with a helpless gleam in her eyes, How much was it again? she asks, knowing full well that she didn’t have enough money to pay for it.

He tells her the total price once again, and I see her heart fall through her body, as she looks down to her children and a single tear inundates her face.

Everyone stares, some even tsk, all shaking their heads, utterly and entirely appalled.

She is lost, everything at this moment just falls apart. And it’s not about the shopping, that is just the face of her everyday struggle.

A man approaches her, and she says to him, making no eye contact, don’t worry I’m leaving.

Beep, his card was accepted, celebrations. She asks him why he did that, “I don’t need your help” and he looked to her and smiled, everything will fall into place soon enough he says.

She silently thanks him and they part their seperate ways.

He peered back and our eyes connected only for a moment, he gave me a little smile and went on his way. I stopped and looked around to find that there was no-one there, not a single soul, only many people in human bodies.

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  1. Rachelle, your first creative blog was exceptionally emotional. You injected heart and sentiment into an everyday experience. Many struggle financially, and outsiders do not understand the shame and embarrassment of such situation. Your final sentence: ‘I stopped and looked around to find that there was no one there, not a single soul, only many people in human bodies’, was extremely powerful. You have acknowledged the pivotal difference between being human and having humanity: everyone is human, not everyone has humanity. This captures Ginsberg’s notion of revelation as experienced Blake: the ability to experience being rather than just being. You were able to covertly address the brief of describing ‘being human’ and its impact, without explicitly narrating this impact – which is an impressive thing.

    Great work! I could have easily read more.

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